Sunday, February 6, 2011

Scrap My Stash Sunday

     I am officially designating Sundays as Scrap My Stash Day. (Yes I'm going to use all this paper up!)
My stash paper is from Rusty Pickle. The story is about a library book that became one my youngest sons favorite. For the longest time it was at our house more than at the library! So I thought it would be fun to buy him the book but did not have any luck. A friend of mine with book connections helped and after a couple of hit and misses found us a library edition of the book for $45.00!  (It was before Ebay and Amazon and yes that is a lot of money!)
The book itself is a simple farm animal "The cow says Moo, Moo, The duck says Quack, Quack..." story but there is something magical about the illustrations that delights the imagination of children. Eighteen years later you can be sure if you read it once you will certainly have to read it again and again. I think that book is worth its weight in gold!

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