Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm not sure when I fell in love with dolls, I just know that somewhere in my genetic mix it was my destiny.
Was it from my Grandma with her "babies" tucked lovingly away in their small crib in the corner of her bedroom? or from my Aunt Kitty's gentile ladies assembled in neat rows on shelves in her bedroom?
Maybe it was the treasure of dolls tucked away in Grandma's attic safely protected in their blue and pink boxes with delicate tissue covering their storybook outfits till a day when they would be displayed again.
I'm still not sure but I remember like it was yesterday when I opened my first Tiny Tears dolls that Christmas a long time ago!
Yes, I definitely  have a love for dolls so I proudly display them and tell anxious little ears all about my dolls that are affectionately known as "Amma's babies".

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