Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Traditions

With my family all around and the last candle lit. I looked down and watched my sweet Grandson bravely holding his candle as it flickered in the darkness. I thought how fast he is growing and wished I could capture this moment in time, the look on his face as we lifted our candles high illuminating the darkness, the way he finally sat still in the quiet calmness all around, not quite sure why we were doing this yet so open to our tradition.
Then I remembered the class I had taken recently with Jessica Sprague called Stories at Hand and knew I could share this moment even though taking a picture wasn't possible.
So my story is to share this tradition of lighting our candle at Christmas time representing Jesus Christ, the true light of the world.
Hopefully you have a tradition to share with a story to tell too.
Merry Christmas Blessings

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